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FETCHmybill is the smartest contactless payment solution to offer to your customers. Easily integrated to the industry’s most popular POS systems, FETCHmybill improves venues’ performance, revenue and their overall guest experience. 

How to Partner with FETCH?

FETCHmybill unlocks a new lucrative revenue stream for your business. No integration is required and you generate additional revenue from your customers.

Join FETCH’s reseller or referral programs to start offering the best in class contactless payment solution.

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FETCHmybill is the perfect payment solution for Resellers and POS providers to offer their customers.


This is our most popular program. As a reseller you are running a business affiliated with us. You will build relationships with your clients and submit proposals and quotes directly to them. We provide support, fulfillment and shipping. However, many of our POS resellers act as the first point-of- contact for their portfolios.

Resellers are typically submitting orders rather than leads. They have done more work to convert the sale. Additionally, they often maintain long-term relationships with clients. We will reward you for this extra work with larger commissions and residuals.


Referral Partners

As a referral partner, your goal is to submit leads to us to convert. When we close a deal with one of your leads, you earn a commission. The goal is still finding and engaging qualified prospects. However, you get to enjoy a simpler system with a more relaxed pace. Some people join this program as a side job, others add it as a product extension to their complementary offerings.

The compensation is a simple commission for each lead that converts. Depending on its size, each deal may pay out a different amount. However, you can expect to earn around £250 per successful lead. 

About You

The point of sale distributors in our program vary significantly. Some have prior experience in IT, while others bring a hospitality background. Anyone who has some experience with POS systems or payment solutions can succeed in this business. If you are experienced with technology, you may prefer the reselling program. Alternatively, if you are great at generating leads, you may prefer to be a referral partner.

You don’t need to be a big business to join the program. Many of our resellers are individuals who wanted to take control of their careers. We offer in-depth training and expert guidance to help you get started. Alternatively, you can consider our referral partner program. All you need to be able to do is find merchants who could benefit from contactless payments. We take care of the rest.

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We have over 25 years experience in the hospitality industry and have worked with industry’s most popular POS systems, and take pride in walking you and your merchants through every step of the sales and set-up process.

Whether your merchant needs a simple, straight-forward payment solution for a small, start-up business, or an elaborate, multi-system set-up for a busy, upscale dine-in restaurant, we have the solution.

No previous education on contactless payments, as we provide the knowledge and tools necessary to confidently pitch and sell these systems to your merchants. We even have staff tipping and customer feedback, allowing venues to streamline operations and have happier staff.

FETCH is here for you and your merchants every step of the way. Once a merchant decides FETCH is best for their business, we take care of the shipping, installation, and set-up process, allowing you to focus on servicing your existing clients and closing more deals! 

We look forward to working with you!


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