FETCHmybill is proven, secure and easy to set up.

No need to download an app, simply scan the QR code to find your bill!

Scan and pay

Let your customers pay without delay with a simple scan. Smart, easy, safe

App scrap!

Your customers can pay without an app to download for an improved user journey


A simple contactless payment service doesn’t mean no tips! We have a tip function built right in to keep staff motivated and rewarded. 32% of customers find it awkward adding a tip when staff are watching them

Split bills

Now your customers can pay the way they want with Fetch Tabs. Share or split bills easily in app


Fetch Instant Feedback lets you know whether your customers enjoyed their experience in real time so you can make sure everyone leaves happy

No set up costs

No expensive set up costs. Set up is free and easy so no risk on your side and we will integrate to your EPOS

From just 1% including card fees

Cashless payments

The easy way to go cashless, all credit cards and digital wallets accepted – we’ll even handle the transfer fees

Setting up

We make this easy for you and our onboarding team will be there to assist

Quick and easy on-boarding process

You complete a simple sign-up to do with FETCH and also directly with our payments provider – we don’t touch your money!

Across all payment systems

Debit, credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay are all accepted


Sent digitally at the touch of a button

Key features

Smart, easy, safe.

Split the bill

let your customers pay in a way that works for them and their friends

Ratings and feedback

customers can rate their experience giving instant feedback, so you have the power to address any issues quickly and privately 


Customers can easily receive a digital receipt if required

Get in touch, we would love to hear from you!