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FETCHmybill Referral Programme

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How it works

Register a potential new business lead using the form below, and we will look after everything else.

If the lead you input turns into a sale then we will reward you with £250 Amazon voucher for every venue that signs up.

Referral Partners

 Anyone can be a FETCH partner, you just need to know someone that works or owns a restaurant that could benefit from having the smartest payment solution in the market.

As a referral partner, your goal is to submit leads for us to convert. When we close a deal with one of your leads, you earn a £250 Amazon voucher, simple as that!

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Refer a potential new business lead and get a £250 AMAZON VOUCHER for every sign up!

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About FETCHmybill

FETCHmybill is the smartest digital payment solution for restaurants where guests can scan a QR code and pay their bill in a few seconds. It speeds us restaurant checkouts, offering an easy and smart digital experience to customers that are ready to go. 

It frees up staff time to focus on providing excellent services, turn tables faster, while also increasing their tips, revenue and boosting customer satisfaction. Other features include splitting the bill, predefined tipping and private instant feedback.